"COUNTRY" Hotel - Trawas

The Cheapest Family Budget Accommodation in The Region that suite for Backpackers and Travelers

A Brief Description of "Country" Hotel - Trawas

Homely warmth and the simple comfort of Country Hotel - Trawas hospitality

"Country" Hotel-Trawas is located in the heart of the Trawas Town as part of historic center of Mojopahit Kingdom. It's offer in an extremely characteristic and quiet area. It is surrounded by the extraordinary beauty of mountain hill views, villas and natural forest which made it  as unique resort area.
On entering this friendly hotel in Trawas-East Java, you will immediately sense its special atmosphere as being one of warmth and intimacy, relaxation and charm of a budget family accommodation. An atmosphere that makes you feel like being at home, with each detail passionately chosen and each room deserving a visit, not to mention our personal attention offered to each guest. Its style recalls as a country side life style where village people living in very simple ways.

Flooring in stone or terracotta covered by red carpet, stone arches, antique furniture, artistic decoration on each part characterize the hall available to guests wishing to deliver a relax meeting and gathering or others. Some of the ground also providing outbound facilities to develop team work activities such as flying fox, spider web, Birma crosser, Elvis Shake, Hanging stepping stone, high rope, pyramid net, crocodile lake, swinging pillow pool, Paintball War Games.

"Country" Hotel-Trawas Outbound Activities

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(For detail visit www.trawasoutboundprovider.org)  



Fasilitas outboundnya lengkap...eui.manztap .!!!

Saya dan teman sekantor dari Banjarmasin betul-betul puas..ber-outbound ria di Country Hotel yang difasilitasi oleh tim "Trawas Outbound Provider" (TOP-Trawas). Nggak rugi tuh jauh-jauh datang dari Kalimantan dengan rombongan (115 orang) karena memang kita semua nggak pernah ke Jawa dan baru sekali ini adakan giat ditempat yang aduhai...Silahkan coba..!!

Ayu Ariestawati - Nusantara Coal Mining

What's a nice hotel...

Wow..country hotel is the best family budget accommodation in Trawas town. The surrounded view is fantastic, compressed in natural mountain environment. Overall the atmosphere was amazing mates....!!!!

Allen Montegriffo - USA 

It is the best hostel in the region...!!

"Country" Hotel is the best choice for traveler, backpackers, corporate meeting and gathering, seminar, outbound training activities, etc.  It has complete facilities and it's free. Setting in country style and the services are good. I recommend everyone to visit and enjoy your at the hotel.  

Ryan Cunningham-Australia

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Location of the Hotel

  "Country" Hotel Trawas is the cheapest family budget accommoda- tion in Trawas, Mojokerto. It is located in the center of Trawas town, where banks, local hospital, police station, council office, super market and post office are within walking distances. The hotel can be reached in any direction by public transports such as bus, minibus, motorcycle taxi (ojek) and rent car from surrounded cities (Surabaya, Gresik, Mojokerto, Malang and Pasuruan) in East Java province.

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